Advice for hardgainers...?

I'm trying to gain a bit more mass here...I'm 5'10" and fluctuate around 160-170lbs. my goal was always about 190-200lbs..i have tried every "miracle" product made by GNC, etc...all to no avail. B/c of some health issues, i can not have peanuts, peanut butter, multivitamins and some other stuff too... Is there anyone out there who knows a better way to gain some good mass? that is-withOUT a ton of supplements (illegal or legal). i refuse to go bankrupt on supplements that make me sick. Some more info on me-I have been routinely lifting for about 4-5 years, lowest weight being about 150 and highest about 185. I lift heavy about 4 times a week. I eat about 1500 cal/day and drink plenty of water. if anyone feels they have something to contribute (that i may not have heard a thousand times already) feel free to answer.. thanx in advance people.. and if anyone feels like talking at length about this, drop me a line/leave me an email address..

yOU ARE NOT EATING NEARLY ENOUGH FOOD. 1500 calories at a bodyweight of 170? That's called a low-calorie diet. It would be a miracle if you gained any muscle, especially if you've been eating that way for a while. . .I would bump that up to AT LEAST 2400 if you are serious about gaining muscle, lots of protein (160 grams or more), complex carbs and healthy fats. Maybe more if you have a fast metabolism. Go to They have all the info. you will ever need.

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