"Perfect Pushups" - Do they work?

I saw an ad for something call "Perfect Pushups." They claim that their product works many of the key upper body muscles. For anyone who has used this product, does it really work? Do your muscles take as big as they claim, or is it a scam? Because if it really works, I would be really interested in it. Thanks for any relief!

Here is their website: http://perfectpushup.com/

everyones gimic claims to be the best thing within fitness. while it might help you some , I doubt it will draw from you anywhere near what you are looking for over regular pushups next to good form.

try them for a month solid , use them beside other body weight exercises and see what works for you , sorry to utter but there is no artifice machine that will replace rock-hard work and good nutrition!
im sure you could gain only just as much muscle doing regular pushups they key isnt the tool but rather the amount of work you put into it, free weights will also bulk you up alot quicker than pushups
The product is suppose to comfort you with your form - so that your doing the pushup contained by a natural motion. Great for ethnic group with discouraging wrists.

To bulk up you will just enjoy to do it on a regular schedule
i've be thinking of getting one. they say that since the handle move in an arc motion when you do push ups, you can shift down further and work my more muscles. i know it allows you to go down further, but i'm not sure if the claim that it works more muscles is true.

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