A Question for Overweight People?

I'm not asking this to tease you or construct fun, I just want to know if man overweight hurts physically?

I'm not talking almost those who are maybe 20-30 lbs overweight but 50 lbs or more. When I see someone who is outstandingly overweight, it doesn't make me sick or anything but it looks to me similar to it hurts. Seriously, Im not trying to be a jerk but I can't really only just ask someone on the street "Does it hurt?"

hm. i used to be overweight.
i still am.
i was 5'8 resembling..
and i was almost 15.
i lost like 50 lbs though..
and im still trying.
it does hurt.
it hurts your wager on..
alot of running and such
also hurts.
normal endeavours are alot
harder to do.
you get tired breakneck..
it does hurt..
not to forget to mention
emotional hurt.
hope this helpsabbi

haha. yeah!
i have large breasts.
but i lost approaching 50 pounds
and i still have big breasts.
hehe. <3
That's a good press, I'm not overweight so I can't answer but it does look like it would hurt.
i can not answer this questin but i stared it because i've wondered alike thing.. and i'm not making fun any.. like i guess it would be similar to asking the extremely skinning people when you can see their bones if it hurts..
Being overweight commonly doesn't hurt. Some don't realize their weight issues. However, fatigue is one comment noted by several doctors with their overweight patients. The excess flab can prevent the heart from properly functioning. As well, the substance creates circulation issues.

Back to you question: counterweight generally doesn't hurt. If it hurts their is something usually more than substance afflicting the person.
It is not comfortable and it can lead to some pain surrounded by your feet, hips, and knees (from carrying the extra weightiness around), it also causes backache. When I was extremely overweight (by 70 pounds) I have trouble moving, sleeping, and always have headaches. Being portly was horrible.
It can end in physical problems that are painful. Obese relatives often enjoy knee and foot problems.
People next to large breasts sometimes enjoy back problems as a result.
Large thighs can result within rashes from rubbing together while walking.
Large breasts can hurt the chest if they are not reigned surrounded by with a bra.
Yes, person overweight can be very discomfited and sometimes painful. You experience profoundly of back, leg and foot misery. You can have trouble breathing. Also if you do not wear loose clothing your can experience some discomfort around your belly and other areas of your body.
i m not obese, but overweight....yes it does hurt socially, mentally and emotionally
as far as being hurt physically is concerned i dont judge so that it does...
the only business is that one should feel nutritious otherwise little weight on high side is not bad
I take in that you are curious if being overweight hurts. I can simply answer for me. It does not hurt. I am not overweight because I eat deeply or because I am lazy. I am overweight from various conditions that I have be recently finding out going on for. I have something call insulin ressitance which is caused by the poly cystic ovarian disease I enjoy. This also causes me to enjoy high triglycerides (sp). So mortal overweight is sometimes caused by things other consequently being a big eater and self lazy. I hold had to completely cash the way I munch through and I work out a lot harder in a minute also. There is nothing that can be done to loose bulk the easy bearing for me. I did consider gastric bypass, but to me that is lately cheating. I want to do it the hard road so that I can take pride surrounded by the fact that I could loose immensity on my own. Since December I have lost 50 pounds and I enjoy every intention to loose about 75 more. I hope this answers your examine.

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