15 years antiquated; bmi- 16.5, athletic; underweight?

so yeah. im 5'10" and about 115 lbs. my bmi is 16.5, and my doc say im underweight. is this true? i am very athletic (basketball & volleyball, HS Varsity) and i run greatly, but not so that i can lose weight, a short time ago so i can be in shape. i be wondering if being athletic similar to this can lower your bmi? i also dont look underweight, i just look kinda skinny, not surrounded by an unhealthy channel though..
can i keep up near my training without individual worried?

I'm like you except 4 inches shorter and 15 pounds lighter. My suggestion would be to maintain playing the sports that you love and to keep consumption lots. Being atheletic and excercising does lower your BMI, but keeps you within shape as well. So as long as you aren't overdoing it hang on to playing sports and keep consumption 3 meals a year with lots of snacks surrounded by between.
if your eating hearty and at least 3 times a afternoon your fine. so dont worry almost it. you'll grow out of it. then you really will own to work out to keep surrounded by shape.

You are fine. As long as you have the liveliness to keep doing that, your not endorsement out when you excersise, and your not loosing weight later you shouldnt be worried. Skinny is perfectly athletic as long as it isnt TOO skinny. Make sure you are eating vigorous as well. It doesnt concern how big you are, if you dont eat tough then its going to negatively effect you.
Yeah, you are pretty underweight. Usually doctors are right something like these things; that's what they went to med academy for :) But if you are eating 3 square meal a day, beside plenty of protein and carbs and water, later you should be fine. Just don't work yourself too hard.
You emphatically need to gain some mass. Your bmi should be at least 18.5
Most nation don't realize how bad human being underweight can be for your body:
* Malnourishment
* Anemia
* Osteoporosis
* Fertility problems
* Heart irregularities
* Amenorrhoea (loss of periods contained by women)
* Depression
* Hormone production problems
* Greater risk of early release
* Problems with pregnancy including a greater risk of have a low birth-weight baby and premature labour
* Lowered resistance to infection
* Chronic fatigue

Being underweight may pose an even greater risk as you age, as osteoporosis occurs more frequently contained by 'thin' people latter in enthusiasm, and body fat help to maintain estrogen level in women. Further, a study found that after age 55 populace who are five to 10 pounds overweight tend to live longer and have not as much of chronic diseases than those who are thin, and after age 70 those who are 5 percent to 10 percent overweight tend to live longer.

You really inevitability to gain some weight, especially (if you're a girl) if you've lose or never have your period.

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