Am i corpulent?

Im 6 foot or 5' 11''1/2 and weigh 146.5 pounds and im 14 and a half
Do i weigh to much or what

am i lubricant??

what is my ideal freight

Nope. You are on the thin side for a mannish but within field of being sound.
I don't think you are butter.
you are NOT fat at adjectives! i am 5'5 and weigh 140 so I'M fat not u!!
Nope. You are soaring though, not that being elevated is a bad piece. But, you shouldn't have any worries, you're not stout!
You can try calculating your BMI Body Mass Index.
You are perfect! Based on your rank and weight, you are right where on earth you are supposed to be! You are actually at the lower winding up of your ideal shipment range.
what the hell dude?!
your frickin wonderful weight is around 160-170 at most minuscule!
your not fat! you're callista flockheart ferchrissakes!

holy! youre with the sole purpose 14?! what the hell have you be eating...
No,you are not overweight at adjectives. You are at a healthy substance.

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