A few questions about p90x..?

I was thinking about getting it, but I wanted to know a few thing first. do you have to use their meal plan or can you use another like nutrisystem or weightwatchers? does it only burn fat or can you build muscle with it also.. i weigh about 195lbs and i stand @ 5'7 now and i want to keep this weight but just replace the fat with muscle.

Hey there Joel,

You will receive a nutrition guide that breaks everything down for you. You'll know how many proteins, carbs, fats, fruits, etc. to eat each day. You'll feel as though you are getting a PH.D. in nutrition

I'll be honest with you. When doing P90X, I don't follow the meal plan 100%, more like 75%. The important thing to remember is to eat clean...and the guide teaches you to do just that.

I've documented my results at my blog listed below. So yes, you can absolutely build muscle with this program. :)

Feel free to Yahoo message or email me with any P90X related questions.

Best Wishes,

Dennis Hardy
Independent Million Dollar Body Fitness Coach

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