Will milk backing at this point of time?

im 13 and i finally got up the willpower to start drinking milk everyday.
i believe its 2-3 cups a light of day.
so i was chugging it cuz i HATE drinking milk. but i want to bring back stronger, taller ( want to be a runway model ), and have whiter teeth.
economically my mom said that it was too past due for that..
(for me to get taller)
but can i still procure taller?
i already got my extent like 7 months ago.

im 13
5'2 1/2
77lbs (the doctor say im fine...)

Answers:    if you disgust drinking milk try to take calcium pills everyday. i really dont muse milk will help you receive taller because her highth is determend at birth.
You can certainly still grow, but I don't know if you'll be 6' high or anything :(

Good for you drinking your milk! I HATE milk, too. I find that if I either put a drop or two of vanilla within VERY cold milk or use homemade chocolate syrup (just a touch), it is more palatable.

Also, yogurt counts as dairy, as does cheese.

Make sure you don't get into coffee...it's bleak for your growth.
It's never too late for more calcium, women should clutch supplements for life. If you despise milk, take supplements instead.

No amount of anything will assistance you grow taller, that is genetically predispositioned. You will probably hang on to growing until you are around 18 so I doubt you are at your full height.

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