About how much?

time will it take if i chomp through corn flakes in the morning and bfore workout i workout at 6 and how long will it thieve me to lose weight my body burns around 2000 calories a morning by itself and i workout on the treadill and burn 500 - 700 caloires so i burn total of 2600 in a sunshine and eat going on for 600 so how long will this take please inform me

well every 3,500 calories your body burns to be precise a pound of fat so if you burn 2,000 calories more respectively day than your body requires afterwards that is 14,000 per week so you will lose a short time ago over 4 pound per week doing this! (more in the first week as your body loses excess dampen.)
everyone is different. not sure what corn flakes has to do next to anything.
ugh wth. dude. u need to guzzle atleast 1500 calories a day or u'll wind up up in the hospital.

okay obviously if u've be doing this for a week and havent lost any weight it's packed up.
one day simply

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