Am i burning ample calories?

Hey. I am a 21 year old manly and weight give or take a few 155. I'hv been on this flab burn routine for a month now (gunning for a six pack). I use a heartrate moniter and stay within the fat burn zone while on a treadmil for 2 hours a daylight. Yea i know its boring but im motivated and i think its working. I burn 1000-1300 calories respectively day. On top of that i enjoy been drinking healthy also. My merely concern is my results. After a month, my abs feel great when i flex but they still look the duplicate. It seems that my upper abs look better but my stomach is still as flabby as it be. I guess its still early and I a short time ago gotta keep it up and burn the second layer of excess weight. My question is am i burning satisfactory calories and if so (and assuming i keep to my routine) when will i see some results specificaly contained by the stomach/love handle region. Thanks

yeah I hold to agree with that guy, you probably inevitability to eat more, I know it sounds close to the opposite of what make sense to you, but that's how it is... at 155 pounds you shouldn't have too much obese covering your abs (i'm 21, 5'8 and about 160lbs so I turn by myself) but I don't know how muscular the rest of your body is, so I'm guessing. Do you also have a counterweight workout? If not, then back you jump on the treadmill do abs workout. A partially hour ab workout and then run your @$$ bad!
You need to jump to and find the excersize videos and do everyone of them everyday!!
Whey Powder, protein shakes and bar

your not getting enough calories and ample protein, your metabolism is holding onto extra baggage of heavy and without getting ample calories it will never come off
mini-starvation mod
you involve to do the right exerices to fix you abs , visit , its get some really good excercises to oblige you out
Hope this helps

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