Adolescent Weight lifting?

I am 14 years old, im within very dutiful shape, and have a well-mannered strength base, ive already be liftin weights, runnin, jump rope, pretty much everything i work out just about 2.5 hours a day, not strait obviously. but i was wonderin.liftin weights, power verbs, squat, bench, and olympic lifts arent gonna ruin my joint r they, ive got pretty nouns technique.but its not like i hoist weights all daytime jus bout 30-45 mins, 4 times a week...this isnt gonna halt my growing is it?

Good start man!! I didn't start lifting until I was 16. Don't overtrain (by lifting like muscles too often per week)

You should hoist the same muscles around 2-3 times a week (like

24-48 hrs. of recovery time).

Make sure you use the right technique (especially next to squats
seen too abundant people screw that exercise too much). Also

Don't focus on putting much immensity, You will build if you are disciplined enough (which it sounds resembling you are) and eat right.

I don't infer lifting it will stunt your growth and from what I heard culture who frequently exercise generally enjoy a lesser fortune of injury than people who lately casually do it.

you give the impression of being to have a nouns foundation, also don't focus on machines too much, it seems similar to dumbbells and barbells work better.

Just make sure to put a proper amount of weightiness and right technique

plus are you going for muscle power (low reps high bulk - - ideal for a football player) or muscle tolerance (high reps, low weight -- for a cross country runner)?

This is mostly my personal understanding and experience try to look up for many second opinion ( can't take a chance).
But overall it seem like you know what your doing.
hang on to it up!
No it wont. guys mature at different rates but mostly the rule is skulk until after you are ten yrs old to erect.
LIfting heavy is fine if you do it correctly and it will strengthen you, not gash you up.
I lifted rash with deadlifts and squats and eneded up the tallest one within my whole home of uncles and cousins too.
Just dont go too beefy. consistent workouts over time is more important,
Dont listen to folks who have no facts but own heard somewhere that it stunts your growth. They dont know anything.
Lift and get through right and you will be fine., oh get fitting rest too.,
Iam 15 years old and I do pretty much indistinguishable thing becouse Iam on the football squad. The aerobic exercises wont effect your growth but weight training beside heavy weights will effect you. You enjoy to left wishy-washy weights, becouse your muscles well more expected to show more and vans will show if you left wispy weights. Trust me, i've tride it and iam ripped as hell. But heavy weights may front to growth stops.(stuned growth). But our joints as teenagers are tremendously good. They will repair hastily if they take impact. But once you seize old (30+) your joint will go wronge.

So i encourge you to hold on to doing aerobic exercises and lefting light weights.
At 14 your body is probably grown plenty so your growth won't be stunted. If you ever feel close to you are really tired and can't lift anymore during a workout, stop. Because the closing thing you want is to capture hurt. Also, if you don't have proper technique, you will increase your unsystematic of injury. I started lifting at 13 and I am fine. Good luck!
not that i know of i am 16 and i have be lifting and doing basic workouts and i enjoy not had any problems and i enjoy been doing it for 3 years as long as u don't transport to much supplements u should be good i workout for 2 hours 4 times a week i bench 250 and squat 310

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