After exercise, splashing cold river on frontage, will it eat up the calories that are human being adjectives?

After I am done exercising and my face is burning and sweaty from the work out, if I splash cold marine on my face copious times to cool down; will it reduce the amount of calories mortal burnt because I cooled down so against the clock? (not shower, just cold dampen on my face).

No. Cooling down doesn't necessarily mean physically cooling down heat-wise, it funds allowing your muscles and body to rest and slow down after a work-out.
No it won't because water have NO calories.
The heat you are emit is the body's way of cooling you rotten during exercise.
It does not affect the conversion of fat to animation.
no it wont, period.
No. As long as you worked out contained by your target heart rate zone (60%-80% of your max heart rate - take 220 minus your age to find your max heart rate) you are burning calories.

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