Am i butter for my age? Can u hand over me some tips!!??

I am 11 yrs old and i weigh 107 lbs. im immensely self concious about my consignment. One time my friend god-sister said "If your so tall consequently why do u weigh so much!" Do u agree with her or do u focus that was be a sign of. Can u help me loose some counterweight?

Holy wow! I don't think you're round at all. You are indistinguishable height I am, and without doubt weigh less. At 11, you're fine for your age. If you hold on to that same weight until you're within high academy, then you'd be a stick! High college is only 3 years away for you... I'm pretty sure you won't be getting some hardcore counterbalance gain since then.

You're fine, don't verbs about it.
okay she's wrong & not a indisputable friend so i think it be mean.Leave her alone & find a clean friend.I'm 13 & i've learned hasty how to clean my energy up.
no u are not
whats your height? Your probably not rotund. and if you weigh alot you could have more muscle next fat. muscle weigh more..
but more importantly do you think your lubricant? are you happy near you? Thats all that matter is if you are happy near you. who cares give or take a few what anyone else thinks. And a friend shouldnt ever inform you taht... ever..

However my little sister is 5'2'' and she weighs single 94lbs. She is not anerexic, she look perfect for her point and body type. She has other been on the petite side. so if vary.. depends on ur body type..
how tall are you anyway?
here's how you figure your ideal body freight:
for a person who stands 5 foot, the ideal body cargo is 100 lbs.
for every inch added to your height, donate 5 lbs to your weight.
for example, your increase is 5"4...your ideal body freight should be 120 it?
and for your god-sister sayin "if ur so soaring then why do you weigh so much?"..resourcefully, taller people are really supposed to weigh more than the shorter ones.
if she be being penny-pinching, you'll be the one to know that, coz she said it to you, right?
just total your weight. oh yeah, just the thing body weight is how much you're supposed to weigh at a undisputed height.
dont fret too much, kiddo. suspend in near.
you are too young to be thinking in the order of how much you weight. only go and own fun be a kid.
im 11 too but im 5ft 0.5inches i weigh 108pounds but im okay =] dont listen to that silly friend of yours she doesnt know anything, make exotic friends. Shes just controlling!

p.s. your nowhere near fleshy your skinny!

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