A question for FILIPINOS only?

ok heres my question my sister really wants to lose some weight and she thinks dancing the songs: otso otso and spaghetti pababa (and other songs that make you move) everyday makes you lose some weight. Do you think thats a good idea? and can you give her some good tips to make her lose weight? please and thank you ^^

Hi, yes any dancing is considered exercise and can therefore help you burn calories and fat. It doesn't matter what song you like as long as you keep your feet and whole body moving. Dancing isn't the best exercise, but if that's all she will do is something she finds fun. Here's a hard one...stop eating white rice, if it wasn't for my daughter we would only eat brown rice in our home thanks to my husbands influence. Of course cutting back on fried foods (a filipino favorite) and drinking more skim milk (unless it makes you sick) are excellent ways to cut calories. She should try riding a bicycle or walking to her destinations instead of taking the jeepnee or motorcycle taxi's.

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