5'1 & 102 lbs... vigorous, underweight, overweight!?!? assistance?

you are a a healthy counterbalance becuz at 5'0 you should weight ABOUT 100 lbs.
no worries
you're extremely healthy, no necessitate to worry. :)
Your doing great, preserve up whatever you are doing!

You are at a great weightiness.
you're kidding right?
it depends on your muscle mass and bone structure.In any covering, It doesn't seem similar to you're at any health risk. What really matter is if you are comfortable with what you look close to. If you feel too big, lose a couple pounds. If you quality to small, them put some on. Whatever you do, don't go overboard!
Your doing great! Perfect counterbalance! maintain and you will do fine. Theres alot of inflection on weight at the present time and the pressure seems to be on. Please don,t lose sleep over your weight. It can become a compulsive disorder. put away healthy and don,t carry to thin or obese and you will be fundamentally healthy. save up the good work!
you're at a robust weight. But for adjectives reference you can integer it out by going to a search engine and typing within figure out BMI or something similar and consequently go from in attendance.
You're BMI is what tells you robust, underweight, or overweight.

BMI stand for Body Mass Index
You are at a healthy immensity (but thin) if you are a teenage girl, and slightly underweight (probably) if you are a woman.
stout . . . at the low end of the robust range


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