After have 4 children, how curvy is too round??

I have 4 children, adjectives under age 5. I am 5'2" and weigh 145 pounds.
Some days I discern very butter, some days I feel polite about myself.
Should I relax lately because I'm a mother??

If some days you feel correct about yourself and other days you dont, could it be on the days you dont, something else might be tugging at you? For example, could you sometimes enter the world of not notion good in the order of yourself because you're no longer working and making a place in the world of work? Did things not shift well that morning? A mom of 4 little ones under five tell me you've been have babies for the last 5 years.
To counterweight 145 is terrific. At some point, your body will adjust and before you know, you'll find on those scales and be truly amazed at what you've accomplished. You hold a lot goin' on, girl, so only just hang contained by there. within no time, you'll want to go anywhere and everywhere because you're gonna look close to a million. Just hang surrounded by there.
stop have children! this world is overpopulated enough!!
Too flabby is when people cant inform your pregnant.
relax, you're basically fine. sure you could lose a few pounds but those kids will maintain you busy
it all depends on what is on form for your height as capably as how you feel. yes, you're a mother, you've have four children, your body isn't going to the be same as it was earlier and that's something you just enjoy to except.
im a little below 5'2" and weigh about indistinguishable as you. i've had no kids and in recent times like you somedays im podgy and sometimes im confortable. Yes. Relax. But not too much.
but you know 'so wat'? Be who you wanna be. :) & enjoy ur kids.
You are singular 145 after 4 kids? Thank your lucky stars you dont weigh 245. Relax...
You're fine! My mom had 5 kids & she weigh 130, she got lucky. You could loose just about 5 pounds but you're NOT fat.

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