Am i butter??

I'm 5'3" and 129 pounds? is that fat?

Technically, your BMI is nourishing. Your BMI is 22.8
If you want to tone up, start exercising more, do some weight training and devour healthier. You could lose a few pounds, but you aren't considered overweight.
I don't know, i'd own to take a look at you. But if you suppose you are fat, afterwards go on a diet!
depends where on earth it's distributed. Shape is what attracts men.
no that's not fat
omg are you unmoving for real. Check at a show call Big Medicne what that and tell me if your oil. I dont even think your even close
Lets see I'm 6 foot and 150 pounds and I'm skinny for my height

Just stuffed approaching a pillow (in a good way)
the chart the doctor use would enunciate you are a few pound over but you seem to be not that obese. But if you feel that you are consequently cut back on the sweets and drink health meal. plus a little exercise would not hurt -go for a tramp!
doesnt sound close to it... but if you think you are of late do 50 situps when you wake up and right in the past you go to bed to progress along with adjectives the other things you normally do and you will frim up rather bit so you wont have to bother asking this ?
within this case, his substance is on behalf of his height, so I do not find that you are round. However, if you want to grow thin, a dutiful diet, exercises physicists (I hate), they helped you totally much.
I think that you know wether or not you're overweight. I look in the mirror some days and do the classic "wow I'm fat" entity, but really... its obvious if you're at an unhygienic weight or not.
I doubt you are, but if you get the impression self concious, then achieve out and get helpful! It'll make you touch better:)
Not fat. You could stand to lose roughly 10 pounds and tone up, but you're not fat.!

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