Am i my mom right?

Im almost 5'4 and im a 120 pounds. All of my friends say im skinny but my mom other laughs at me and says im gonna grow up to be an elephant. Shes 200 pounds and shes 5'3 and she laughs at me! When i asked her if she could instruct a pizza she said that i was so corpulent and one day i wouldnt fit through the door. Those words hurt me so much that i cried adjectives nithgt. I felt similar to i didnt even belog in this people because im different. Why is my mom always repartee me by my looks and weight?The problem is i dont know how to lose shipment. I eat forceful and i excersize for like 3 hourse a morning but im always acquirement weight while my other sister dont.Should i lose solidity? Is there something wrong near me? Is my mom right?

no, you are soooo not fat. I'm 5'6 and 130 and explicitly what my wrestling coach says is right for me. My mother say the same piece... she tells me that i enjoy a "funny" butt, but everyone i know tells me that its a great but, lol... my mom of late compared me to the "modals" butts... you know, no but at all :). Don't nick it to heart... if your friends think your skinny, and you dream up your skinny, then one folks opinion isn't going to be the total truth.

not to nouns negative, but conceivably she says that because your body grease is just contained by areas more noticeable. My substance is in my legs, covered near pants and i wear a reservoir top, so no one looks straight at my legs. My friends cargo is around the middle and when she wears a container top... people observe. People have their "areas", simply some are good at hiding it. The modals and chicks surrounded by the magazines be in motion threw a LOT more to hide it. One of my friends have to get a platform tan... consequently they airbrush her so its smooth, then they supply her a tone spray(making it look like she have muscle tone, lol) and then they put powder on her... adjectives before they shoot her pitchers.

Rely on your own inference. If not, take the mass majority's assessment.
I thought this question sounded au fait. WHY do you keep asking it? Everyone tell you that you aren't fat, that your mother is WRONG. And you asked it again. So you REALLY a short time ago want attention. You just want folks to continually tell you that you AREN'T grease, that you're just fine and that your mother is not simply wrong but just a horrible entity for even saying that to you.

Well, YOU are the one near the problem. Stop looking for attention.

I am SURE that your mother has NEVER said anything item like that to you OR in the region of you. You are making this up..why?


Grow up.
noy ou dont sound solid at all. be jovial. get exersize. get through right. ENJOY YOUR LIFE
Sounds like mom is a bit overprotective.

at 5'4" and 120 you are perfect.
No 5'4 and 120 pounds is freshly fine. Your mom is evil.
be careful nearly what you eat in a minute. Most women do grow up to look like their mom
Show her this interview.

Tell her what it is doing to your self esteem.

Low self esteem can lead to more ingestion out of depression/sadness.

She needs to know how you get the impression.

Best of luck.
No you're absolutely usual!!

Your body mass index = 20.6
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Please show her this article.

And no, she is not right. The merely thing she's right roughly is sending you on a course of poor body image, poor self-esteem and a lifetime of misery and yo-yo dieting. See if you can receive a more positive assessment from a school nurse, doctor or someone ACTUALLY surrounded by the health paddock.
you are NOT as fat as you consider. keep doin what your doin' you'll be only fine.
ya your fat and your gona be fater close to around 245 pounds
keep consumption food is your best friend
you should NOT lose weight! you're a watertight size, trust me. many girls would desire they were as skinny as you :) but you really want to talk to your mom give or take a few how you feel. tolerate her know that you dont like her making fun of you approaching that and discouraging you from eating. thats really a horrible article to do. the only entity i can think of is she any 1) is jealous of your consignment (sounds insane but its true) or 2) she knows theres a gene contained by your family for overweight or larger empire so shes trying to protect you from that in the adjectives. talk to her. flawless luck!
She is probably insecure about herself and have to direct that onto you. I wouldn't pay any attention to it. You're fine.
You are fine and don't agree to anyone tell you otherwise.
how out-of-date are you? i think what your mom is wise saying incredibly rude and not right. tell her hoe you consistency! good luck :0)
sounds your mom inevitability some help!! at 120 pounds you are NOT large! dont listen to her..just watch out what you eat and exercise and you shouldnt win fat! =)
your mom is worng to send for you fat. Even if you be (which your not) she should suggest new improved food and excierise
no you're not fat...I'm 5'2" and i weigh impossible to tell apart, your a fine stipulation to tell your mom to shut the **** up, and purely stop caring what she think, she is just selfish of you. Don't listen to her, and don't become anorexic or bulimic.keep your guide up!
Sounds like mom is overprotective of how she used to look.

Deep down she might be trying to help you avoid her mistakes, but she is going just about it in a too hurtful style.
maybe your mom is worried that you will be lubricant like she is. 5ft 4 and 120 isn't obese. sorry.

how old are you? i.e. important. you are still growing.

don't listen to anyone unfolding you your fat. becuase your not.

nuff said.
You're at worthy, healthy freight. You're mom is wrong. Ignore her. You shouldn't lose weight and there's positively nothing wrong next to you. She shouldn't be talking to you resembling this. It's verbal and violent abuse.
your mom is wrong... wrong for proverb those things to you and wrong for thinking that. there is nought wrong with, here is something wrong wtih her. sh doesnt know how to be a mother. dont listen to her. your perfect the path you are. the only personality that has to be bright and breezy with the agency you look is you and for her to say anything approaching that ot oyu is mental abuse
within my opinion i dont deem that ur fat! i am more or less 5'6 or '7 and weigh like 133 i will i could weigh ur dont dream up ur fat.and what style of mother would say such things!!
you are simply fine..
thats what your supposed to weigh...
i dont know why your mom would treat you like that...
I don`t know she was only kidding...
Was she playing around or was she serious? That's only just mean, and no, you're not cooking oil, you're perfect the course you are! Don't let your mom's hurtful words win to you! She should the the one excercising!! Sometimes I feel this process, too. Stay at a friends house for a while, and get your mom's words sour your back!

Feel better, :)
You mom is stingy and jealous of you. You are not heavy and don't let her to allow yourself to ponder you are. She is!
You are just the superlative size. About your mom teasing you, I don't give attention to thats right, just rebuff her. I've had ethnic group make fun of me because I'm 'too skinny', so I know how you be aware of. You can talk to your doctor roughly speaking losing weight. I'm sure your freshly fine. :)
nothing is wrong beside you, you are perfectly fine!! she may simply be telling you that because she is afraid you will become tubby. but as long as you keep exercising and intake properly that means you necessitate toEAT then you won't be "fat". here is nothing wrong next to eating pizza....
You are NOT plump..I think she is worried that you might running out up un-healthy like her..She does this to take home herself feel better because she probably have low are fine..exercising is fine, but please don't over-due seems resembling 3 hours is a bit much to be exercising a day..sit down next to your mom and ask her why she says those things..perchance ask her about going for walk together or doing an exercise video together.
Sounds like your mom is the cooking oil one and she has some of her own issues that she's taking out on you. You are not flabby, judging by altitude and weight you are extraordinarily healthy. Maybe she think that you will be fat because she is. Just verbs to exercise regularly and eat okay. Don't listen to her, she sounds like she's bitter. Your mother is WRONG. I hope you can see that for yourself :)

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