2wks ago 45min cycle AVG heart rate 157.Now cant seize more than 140 doing same entry.Why is this?

Ahh good request for information.
Well, due to the continuous exertion you have be putting your body/heart through during your excersize, you heart has become "fit" to toy with the high blood pressure of the excersize and have adjusted itself to allow for a better heart rate to control your Oxygen and CO2 getting it out of your system easier. This resources you are on the road to fitness. If you hold doing this you can avoid tacycardia (irradic rythms of the heart) and high blood pressure because your heart will own adjusted and will be improved. This will mean that you own less of a casual for a heart attack later on contained by life as long as you verbs excersizing as well as a on form diet.
I challenge you, try again these subsequent 2 weeks cycling 45 minutes a day.. on the 14th afternoon, take your heart rate, I bet you it will be lower!

Good luck and Good condition to you!
Your body has knowledgeable to get into better shape and can very soon do more aerobically to lower your heart rate and make your body be more rationalized. If you want to raise your heart rate, you are going to hold to ride longer and/or faster to challenge your body more.
Congratulations, youve superior your aerobic efficiency.
Don't sweat it. - It's a apposite thing.
Your muscles hold gotten used to the activity and your body doesn't hold to work as hard anymore. Cross train!
Because you are within better shape now...it will purloin more effort to win your heart rate up.
time for new domestic device?!

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