Am i a fatty??

Heres the deal
i am 5'1 (last time i checked) am i am a girl and track 124
and apart of me is like trow up do it
or dont put away that
i play softball and am captian in soccer and cant to a mile within 8 min
should i be worryed that i am too fat

Wow, specifically a very perfect, healthy consignment. Keep active and drink decently and you will be fine. Besides its not really what other culture think of your body, you inevitability to love yourself and love your body.
no dont worry around it especially since you are active deeply of the weight is is a on top form weight so dont diet or anything
Don't verbs about it. It seem like your average. Besides, usually family who are active aren't fleshy. Its muscle weight. =]
no u should obtain a wrk out seyt up if ur wried about bein portly..ur right right now...but if u hold thinkin uir fat ur going to stay round.set ur mind to think that hey am not curvy and is houldn not wry about how i look if u want to boost ur body do it dont put ur sefl down..i dont even know if any of this made since o well
Heyy hon, don't verbs. You are perfectly fine the opening you are. Since you are physically active, newly push yourself a bit to help you lose immensity if that's what you want. You can even exercise more. Hope this helps. =)

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