Healthy snacks?

I'm in college and I want to lose immensity. I eat lunch @ 11:00 and dinner @ 4:30. I be in motion to the gym from 2-4:00 on Mon, wed, fri, and from noon-2:00 on Tues, thurs. dinner's @ 4:30 cuz I have hours of darkness classes. UGH! I go to bed around 1. But when 10:00 rolls around, I'm pretty hungry. What are some good, cheap, but tasty snacks I can put away? I have carrot, but would like more. I enjoy a small fridge, so I can't put much in it. Now it's full up with river. What can I get that's honest, healthy, cheap? Also, what's something that's sweet?

Answers:    almonds. you can devour 25-30 of them and its only more or less 150-200 calories. there are also 100 calorie pack but watch out because sometimes its comfortable to forget that they are 100 calories each which can front to actually drinking more

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