Am i portly?

it's really hard for me to describe because i have a negitive self body photo and i cant help but reflect on im 5'7, 124 pounds and im 14.. Can someone distribute me advice on how to reflect on greatly of myself and know im not chubby or fat, motive when i look in the mirror i contemplate i look huge, i cant take it anymore...

Your perfect. Like really really watertight. Dont change a entity. Trust me I know its hard because I'm one and the same way.
I'm 13 5' 4" and 106 pounds.
I would die to be 98 pounds, which is currently my dream weight.
I hold a terrible self body logo.
I feel so fleshy even though you can clearly see my hip and rib bones sticking out.
I'm determined that mirrors are evil.
Very very evil
Stay away from them, they're miserable.
Your beautiful!
Trust me.
Just report yourself that!
And when you see people looking at you dont give attention to,
"Oh my god they think I'm solid!"
Or "I'm not pretty enough."
"They're green, they want to be as thin as me."
And "Hmmm, how abundant people hold stared at me today, oh I lost count at like a million."
Haha. Okay I don`t know not the last one.
Your pretty thought trust me.
If you ever wanna talk you can simply e-mail me.
If you can find out how.
I dont really know how sooo yeah.
Good luck I hope you realize how thin and elegant you truely are!
try walking a mile everyday
there is no channel in the world you are overweight if you only weigh 124. you are exceedingly TALL!!
No! I'm 5'8 and am 135 pounds and I don't think I'm butter. If you eat right and are excersizing your doing gresat. A lot of nation feel discouraging about self symbol, though you gotta keep your chin up, do things that will get you happy ofr the size you are, and don't compare yourself to others. Also, your 'fat' may be merely muscle:)
None of my fellow citizens are fat.
if i be to answer this truthfulli have to read aloud U ARE SKINNY!!
u are like a supermodel
towering and thin
u should address 2 someone close about this promblem
First of adjectives, women's pant sizes are relative. I have a twosome of jeans that are a size 14, that fit great, and I also have another twosome of jeans made by the same company that are a size three, and are too loose on me to wear minus a belt. A 6/7 is average and relative.

Also, if you think you're solid, and have a refusal energy roughly it, channel that animation into something positive. Go running or join a gym. If you're too humiliated about your size, nearby are even more subtle things you can do to make you more confident; you can try to cut out sodas and candies out of your diet and do sit ups and jump jacks in your room where on earth nobody has to see you. When you touch a little better in the order of yourself, then do more rigorous exercises.

Nobody can put in the picture you if you really are fat or not, it's nothing body's business to tell you how to consistency about yourself. If you're woeful then translate it, and if you don't have the self-power to amend it, then live near it!
you want be a Little fat if you want boys if enjoy butt with it after your not fat and 124 it is not impossible if you were 224 that's FAT!!!

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