A sound out for culture who enjoy with the sole purpose drinked weightloss shakes and no food for cargo loss.?

Am planning on drinking three shakes a day and my elevation is 5'10 and my weight is 180 and am 19.
How much would I lose doing this for a month? And what should be my purpose weight? Someone told me 125 should but I want other opinion too.

don't do that! it is very impossible!! follow a sensible diet and take a Multi-vitamin everyday. also, nearly your ? for losing 100lbs in a month. WHY?? you want to weigh 80 pounds? i.e. crazy. not many grown women weigh that much! the ones that do are approaching 4'11''- 5'2'' and some of them look malnurishhed (very bad thing). you should solely want to lose 30-40lbs and 50 AT THE MOST. anyway, keep your manager up
You're not supposed to drink 3 shakes a day. I enjoy done two different diets where I drank 2 shakes a sunshine and then a feast. The meal would consist of lean protein and some veggies. I also drank plentifully of water, and have fruit if I was hungry and needed a snack. I lost around 10-15 lbs/month. You are also highly tall and I would have an idea that that 125 might be too light for you. Accoring to a height above sea level weight chart if you enjoy a small frame 132-145 would be the range for you. Check this out for more info http://www.healthchecksystems.com/height...

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