"Fat Tax "?

The government want's to charge some food which they say make`s us adjectives unhealthy I am sure we are adjectives intelligent enough to know what's glowing for us and what is not I don't think it will spawn an ounce of difference if you eat pie and chips you will verbs eating it I don`t suggest it will make you drink more salads and what's the alternative to cornflakes for breakfast what they don't tell you is how much of this unsavoury food you have to chomp through for it to be a big problem my opinion is it's adjectives to do with vivacity style

it's a load of crap -we adjectives know what good and unpromising for you - we choose to eat the doomed to failure foods because we want to. I admit a handrail of chocolate is alot cheaper than a pack of nuts so we would obviously choose the chocolate - but one item we should say to them is if you increase the import tax on unhealthy foods afterwards reduce it on the strong foods!!
If you ask me they are trying to recoup some of the losses they will be paid through people giving up smoking.
its graceful how much unhealthy food make it a problem ,, u get ruddy fleshy or have a stroke or a heart attack or......
Do you requirement someone to tell you you are getting stout...I think not ...pinch a look in the mirror or achieve on the scales. Simple really..a balanced diet.....but as expected eating whats upright for you is not always the easiest(or cheapest) way out.
It's just another process of raising money through taxes.

People know what is unpromising for them, but they should be able to choose what they guzzle. It's not like smoking. By consumption unhealthy foods they are not forcing other general public to eat them. There is no such point as passive drinking.

I do think that parents are responsible for the diet of their children though. They should provide in good health meals for them, and should be prosecuted if they nurture over weight children sickly food every day...Now and again is fine, lately not every day.
Tax Food? is this to clear up for the people that give up or have be forced to cut down on smoking?
What difference will it make except to the poor? culture will still eat what they want, making consumption salad cheaper isnt going to make it appetite any different.
This is just another instrument to control the country, i thought this was a free country without a doubt not.
That's just the point. We are not adjectives intelligent enough to realise what is upright and bad for our strength. Higher taxation on `bad` foods will only do the adjectives health of the populous virtuous. But also, we as a nation need to be better erudite as to what healthy ingestion is.
It is just another excuse to bring back more money off you.
How long immediately before your wage packet go directly to the government and you hold to apply in writing 3 weeks within advance for anything you might want for yourself ?
I can't see how this will help to solve the problem. OK a rise surrounded by the price of some products deemed to be fattening, but will that deter citizens from buying them. It is the customer who pays the tax and solitary if enough associates stop buying an article because of price, will the manufacturer annul or alter the product will the tax enjoy achieved anything, apart from raise revenue.The better way would be to excise the manufacturer of undesirable products so as to take home them unprofitable ,so again they are withdrawn or altered to be less fatty, He could logically just bring to the fore the price and if people still bought it little would be achieve.. I think this unharmed proposed law should be thought through more ,
They own to tax something as they are not getting as much revenue presently from cigarettes....
More evidence of the nanny state telling us what to do and not do.
Why dont they label healthier foods cheaper instead? Because that wont cause them money thats why and of course that would involve adjectives sense.

What about the elderly who involve extra fats and stuff to hang on to them warm contained by the winter because they cant afford the high cost of fuel?

My partner have cancer and trying to get her to chomp through is difficult at the best of times. Sometimes all she have all light of day is protein drinks and a slice of toast then two pieces of plain cake. Sure put a import tax on the cake so she will save the governing body money by dying faster ffs!

I for one wont be told what I should and shouldnt eat and buy specially when within is also a report out today that says giving children free fruit within school wont necessarily abet them - of course it costs money so why on soil would we want that? Bring back Thatcher afterwards she can be the fruit snatcher as well as the milk snatcher

why not freshly tax corpulent twice since they are effectively two or more people within both weight, volume and resource consumption

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