Can I still travel to the gym for a workout if I enjoy a cold??

or will it slow my recovery time??

Personally, I hold to slow down if I'm sick or else I won't recuperate. Some people claim they are better sour with a muted workout even if they're sick. IMO, the body needs a accidental to rest and heal itself.

Also hold in mind that the gym is a public place where on earth you'll be making physical contact with items lots of other population make contact as resourcefully. If you must work out, I would actually do some wispy cardio outside or some bodyweight exercises inside instead.
You are selfish egoistic strength nut ! When you are sick , you should be thinking of "how not to infects others rather than your own careless needs !)

You are not a nice individual from your self-centered question-I wouldn't want to have to do anything near you personnally. Ponder on this !
excercising speeds up recovery time . thats how i have a feeling about it. i dont quality congested when im running or working up a sweat.
This is a good put somebody through the mill, I struggle with this one every single time I take sick. My rule of thumb is if I have a slight cold, I will run and do a light workout. I surface like getting my body warmth up and getting the blood going always help me feel better sooner. I never do a giant intensity workout when I am sick as it can suppress your immune system. Anything worse than a common cold something approaching the Flu, I always avoid the gym completely.
It will grant other people a cold. Why do you want to overrun around germs like that?! It take 7 days to get over a cold, I judge you can allow your system to heal formerly overexerting yourself.
rule of thumb: if the sickness involves your chest in any path, DO NOT EXERCISE. if, however, it's in your skipper then you're fine to do exercises.

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