After have my daughter almost 3 years ago, i still cant lose the counterbalance!?

Im 22 years old and i have my daughter almost 3 years ago. Im not a big person but i am alot bigger than what i be before i have her. The hardest part almost losing the weight is i without doubt HATE vegetables. I tried them every single way. I only just cant stand them. I only resembling corn, potatoes, limabeans, spinach only when its within something( i cant eat it by itself). I tried salad 300 different ways and i cant stomach it. I come across to throw it up and i dont want to be anerexic/bilemic...I just want to do this the right channel. Im just looking for some support b/c it seems the one and only way you can lose shipment is when you eat your veggies and i cant stomach the love of em. Please be nice tho, im very soft hearted and dont similar to people saw rude things even tho i know some asses out there will!! gratefulness for your time in finance!

girl i know what your saying I'm a mother of three an Ive other been stick pin skinny but my son which is 7 months immediately had something else planned so i started working out 3 times a week i try to chomp through right to .Try v8 splash its good an you take veggies and fruit in one you don't hold to eat salads to lose substance you just enjoy to watch what you put away and a good work going on for an hour a day girl you will see the results if you stick to it that's the sturdy part. GOOD LUCK
Eat smaller number. Exercise more.
Have tried talking to your doctor around weigh loss management and a exercise program that might fit your vivacity style and dietary needs.
I'm trying to lose shipment too and it's sooo hard. My aunt is using a freight loss product and it's really working for her. I'm gonna try it and I recommend you try it too. Check their website at , my aunt got a free trial and salaried only 6.95$ shipping and handling.

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