Am I large??

I am a boy i am 11 years old and im am 5'3 and i wiegh 79 pounds very soon i know u guys r u going to say to be precise really skinny but when i look at myself i see fatness so what should i do? By the path im really healthy i am becoming the captin of the wrestling troop in resembling next season and i run hugely good contained by fact i made to the finals my mile time is 6:09 and my partly mile is 2:21.

No. You're not fat, not even close. Here's a form chart to look at. The first chart is for women, the second chart is for guys. If you think you're excess weight, you're VERY MUCH NOT.

It's good to be robust, but don't starve yourself or kill yourself to get hold of skinnier. Look at the chart for weight and see what doctors construe you should weigh.
Join the club, I feel indistinguishable when I look at myself. I'm 5'6 and 111 pounds. But dont look it.
Umm no! When I was 5' 3" I weigh 100! You are a skinny minny! Eat some ice cream!
You should probably see a doctor...not because you're excess weight, but rather because it seem like you enjoy some issues with your immensity. They would be able to share you what is heathly and not healthy. If you ask me, individual 5'3 and weighing 79 pounds seem quite underweight. Maybe you should also see a psychologist? Anorexia is a dire thing.
- I see,,looks can sometimes be deceiving,.
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dont go off crap on my questions no more you little runt , and put on some counterbalance its embarrasing for a man to weight that much , you pencil d¨Ścolletage shemale.
holy moly canoli boy! you're skinny! i wish i be 79 lbs. lucky duck. you sound really skinny. i will i could run a mile in 6 minutes! jeeeeeshhhh you're fine. but i would articulate skinny.
so heres the thing when you read aloud you see fatness. chew over of the positives about yourself. you're not large at all. you might be close to becoming anorexic no offense. but it's true. same with me. I don`t know we both can get over this some how
perfect luck there and congrats!
No. I infer that this is natural
nah your not margarine, but you are a flamming homo!

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