Ok so im approaching going on this diet of not drinking soda any more.?

What are some healthy drinks i can hold? because I've drank the glaceau vitamin water, but later i found it its just sugar marine. So now i necessitate to know what else to drink cuz just plain matured water get a lil boring after awhile. So please help me out guys and girls :)

Ohhh..you bring crystal light packet that go surrounded by your water bottle.But you put them surrounded by soda water! {Club soda}.YUM...Its soda!...BUT ITS WATER!...Happy daytime!!
I would drink Green Tea and they now own a new vitamin drink out that a friend of mine uses(don't know wht it's call!!)
well dampen is the best thing but i get bored too and found out that those flavored waters are full of sugar. now i started drinking liptons diet green tea beside citrus, it has no calories and no sugar and it morsel great, try that, but water is deeply important.
There are plenty of soft drinks that do not own caffeine or calories, have you considered those?
Diet soda is fine, although hose is preferable. Calorie-wise, instead of drinking a bottle of soda, you can drink a bottle of water and afterwards eat partially a sleeve of Girl Scouts Thin Mints. So try to stick to just river and reward yourself from time to time.
crystal lite has some handy little pre-measured packet to drop into bottled water, they own 0 calories, and make an otherwise boring plain river taste worthy. It comes in lemonade, peach tea and almost 3 other flavors. They are much healthier for you afterwards soda, being non-carbonated and no sugar, and a devout way to carry the water you should be drinking. Fruit juice are good, newly read the label and craft sure they aren't filled next to sugar as well.
here is this water that is to say called crystal clear. it is sparkeling marine. it isnt high on sugar as much as you would believe and it is really good. i like to drink sprite and i quit because that tastes pretty much in recent times like it but w/out adjectives of the crud in sprite it isnt partly bad.
Flavored wtaer is correct. I know that also can have a great deal of sugar, but if u look hard ample there are brands next to little or no sugar. I like your diet plan. It is the nourishing kidn of diet, which takes out artificial sugars , not adjectives food!
i am on that right now and for vivacity, i started 3 years ago and i love it, you know i heard you can lose 10 or 20 pounds a year if you stop drinking that stuff,but um, a ton of red juice, apple liquid, frapaccinos*, coffee, crystal light, slushies, milkshakes, kool aid, milk, and much more that i can't focus of but once you get the sway of it you will stick to it forever, i love it and will stay on it forever!
Propel, I love that stuff.
v8 is tastey
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