6 pack (abs)?

how can i get a 6 pack that shows surrounded by less than 2 months//?!!? is this even possible?if it is PLEASE give an account me

Only If U Work Real Hard But U Can't Expect 2 Get A Real Answer Because I Don't Know How U Look Know So It All Depends But If U Personally Don't Think U Can Do It Then Me Lyin & Tellin U You Will Won't Help But Like I Said IT All Depends But I Will Will Give U Workout Tips

1) I Run 22 Miles A Week(Mon-Fri).But 4 Starters I Might Want To Recommend 2 Miles A Day & U Might Want 2 Walk Fast Or Jog & Take It Easy.But I Do 4.4 Miles A Day

2) I Do Crunches & Pushups.Boyz U Will See An Improvement In Your Chest & Arms & Ladies Will See An Improvement An Your Arms.

3) I Drink A Lot More Water.

4) Now I Can See My Abs Coming In

5) If All That Doesn't Work Get "LL Cool J's Platinum Workout" Book.It's Very Recomendable If U stick To It.It's Sure To Work.It Includes Good Ways On How To Diet,Stay Motivated, & Bronze,Silver,Platinum, & Diamond Levels To Workouts On(Depending On what Type Of Shape Your In)
But If U Stick To My Plan That's Also Sure To Work

6)Also U Shouldn't eat Anything Fried,With Sugar Or Red Meat(Such As Cheeseburgers/Beef Or Steak
vary your diet to a clean diet. no box, can or processed foods and do some cardio
depends on where your at presently. you need to go and get to a real low bodyfat, and chomp through reeally, really clean. no second-hand goods food, no pop or sugar drinks. and workout obviously.
Cut the caloric intake.
Just join a zero to your solidity (ex 200 lbs=2000 calories), and subtract 500.
Space 5 meals apart throughout the daytime to keep your metabolism dignified, and DO NOT eat after 6 pm.

Six pack are more weight loss than muscle mixing, for everyone has a 6 pack, it is up to us to happen upon it.

Yes, it is possible. I have a 6 pack after serious training times gone by 2 months or so.

Sleep well. Exercise around 30 minutes a daylight, combining aerobic activities near strength training. Use exercises that involve your core, such as push-ups, rows, chin-ups, knee raise, etc.
You have to run on a daily basis, jus about 20 mins on & stale
Then about 10 mins after your run do 2-3 reps of 15 sit ups/crunches [or find your own ab workout online]
Also, It really help if you also do sit ups right before you progress to sleep, that way you burn calories adjectives night!
Oh & drinks lots of dampen...its makes the resuts show faster
great abs are made surrounded by the kitchen, not in the gym.

to hold a well defined 6-pack near out flexing you need to be down within single digit body fat. the diet is 90% of mortal lean and muscular, training is the easy portion. you need to 86 adjectives processed foods that you consume and eat just whole foods until your body cooking oil % is low enough
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