Abs. arm & leg muscles, and pecs?

i'm 14, and 6'3", 130 pounds, very skinny, and enjoy no access to a gym. i can do crunches and sit ups, and push-ups. i have 5 pounds counterbalance and can go running next to friends. i have adjectives the time in the world to do exercises, and i don't inevitability them anytime soon, although they'd be nice by august 27th. anyway, advice would be great!


well you can do crunches, sit ups and pushups cuz they exercise you arm muscles, your abs, your leg muscles and running is the best movement to lose weight beside or to help build muscles because when you run, you exercise your abs, your leg muscles and much more.
read tips on weights and workouts to give a hand you more on this site
I masterbate for 1 hour ever day it give me huge forearms the ladies love it
What is a pec ?
run a lot to build your stamina next go try out for bb globe.
Well, do some balance diet, drink foods of all kind of course next to the things present in the nutritions chart. I infer this is first things first. Wrap it up this thing first and it follows..ok man!

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