Am I rotund, should I loose hang around.?

I'm 5,2 and way 119 pounds. I own big hips and a small pot belly. I am a size 6 in pant. Should I loose weight? if so how much

119 lbs is a moral weight for your rise.If your feelin uncomfortable near ur weight start exercising day after day and eat a hygienic diet. Make it a routine for yourself and u will feel better in the region of your self and prevent my health problems.
Could you renovate that into cm and kg's?
You could probably stand to lose about 10 pounds maximum, but if your comfy where on earth you are, don't sweat it.
Questions like this are so difficult to answer. Maybe that's because if you are plump, yeah sister, loose weight. Go to a professional to bring a professional opinion.
No, you're not butter. I'm not sure but maybe it's the little chubbiness that's bothering you. You're a short time ago thick from waist down. That's a apposite thing. But for the tummy, if you should try to tone it down, take some abs in.
Im your rank too, but I would give anything to enjoy your weight. You arent overweight, lets in recent times get that straight.
If you still be aware of self consious, you can tone and firm up your body to have muscle. However, you dont involve to lose any weight.
nope...your immensity is just fine and so is your pant size...
No, I think you nouns just fine. I'm 5'1 and supposed to weigh 125 for my build and bone structure. Don't verbs about losing freight, but it never hurts to exercise and get toned. Good luck!
You could lose almost 5pds to be your ideal counterweight for your height. But wow would I love to be a size 6 again. I focus you are fine. Excersize to keep your cargo where it is.
You probably could loose a few pounds, resembling say5-10 pounds, but you are deffinatly NOT fat and the one and only way you obligation to loose weight is if you quality like you should. It doesn't event what anyone thinks. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT! :-)
according to your bmi you're common.
No way, you nouns like a unfaultable weight. It adjectives depends on how much muscle mass you have, because muscle does weigh more than margarine. If you are content with what you weigh and are elated with it later that is adjectives that matters, don't agree to anyone tell you that you're stout!
No you should not lose weight. If you are concerned just about having for a while pot belly, then you should exercise, and devour right. You need to tone, not lose freight.
I don't think you're portly.

I've tried so many different diets contained by the last 10 years that I can say aloud now, they don't work!
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Good luck!
There isn't an just the thing weight for your rise, because it depends on your individual build and muscle/fat ratio. If you want to find out how much body fat you've get, ask your doctor about arranging this for you. I don't know how ancient you are, but generally 20%-30% body flab is healthy for an average (non athletic) womanly.

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