Am i fleshy? PLEASE HELP!?

Hey, Im a 13 year old girl who is 5' 5 and i weigh 115 pounds
is that average?
what weight SHOULD i be?

That is realy well brought-up. You are tall and skinny
How do you resolve if other people are lubricant? Use the same process on yourself.
You're trim. Just chomp through right and get ample exercise. You're fine! Pleez don't buy into the stupid Hollywood myth of what constitutes "beauty" in this country.
you're fine don't fixate over your weight
you're at the correct weight
Thats fine, and typical. Quit worring!
You are normal I don`t know even under mass for you height.
Your max is 136 pounds at your largeness. So you are doing great.
Your body mass index is 19 kg/m2. For a 13 year old girl you are merely under 50 percentile. This mode that you are average. Not too big. Not to small. Not to worry.
you`re not faat.
thaa`s middle-of-the-road.
u are actually considered lower than weight

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DON'T BECOME DANGEROUSLY OBSESSED WITH WEIGHT! YOU'LL END UP WITH ANOREXIA!! My sister had anorexia, she finished up collapsing and in a hospital for anorexics where on earth they controlled her food and made sure she got adequate nurishment. They also put her through therapy and counciling, because anorexia is a mental disease... even when she be home, it took her a long time to fully recover from the anorexic mentality. DON'T TURN ANOREXIC! DON'T GIVE IN TO MEDIA!

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