14 y/o requirements something to do.?

i am bored, and i need something to do, outside preferably.

also, i cant really do anysports result in i dont have anyone to play next to :( so help me, i dont know what to do next to my summer.

Would't go to stores, rubbish of money, gets boring after two or three times on a row, you sway out with matching bored guys.

You don't need to hold others to play sport. YMCA is in most places in our day. It can be free (just ask if $ is an issue) and they have team every 2 months. You make friends at hand, usually very apposite guys.
YMCA has a youth group (perfect for your age) and they do something different every morning, for a week, or for the whole summer. Again, adjectives can be free. They'll take you to the shoreline, museums, parks, horseback riding, movies, you name it!
It is not too behind schedule to register !
uhm somethings i try to do wen no one is home is any go to stores try to gather round new inhabitants so tht way u can own something to do
SUmmer camp. You gain alot of friends nearby.
go to the library and start reading.
storybooks are nice. you find absorbed into totally another world and you can't appear to get out. you can spend everyday in recent times simply lying on the bed and reading away.

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