What are the best at-home exercises to do to draw from rid of cellulite on thighs & butt?

Answers:    Cellulite runs in my domestic. But even though i cannot get rid of adjectives of it i have see a difference every since i started to do some cardio. Run for at least 30 min a time followed by some lunges. The cardio will shed some fat and the lunges will build some muscle so the cellulite appears smaller quantity. I also starte dto do pilates (winsor) and the leg exercies are great too. A good diet is also completely helpful. fresh vegetables and fish.
I also hear sushi is good for cellulite and rubbing coffee grounds on your skin will back, but i haven't tried that.
Good luck and don't worry too much because we adjectives have it.
the best you can do is "cardio" specialy bicicle ridding

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