Abs Abs Abs?

I've been working out for almost 2 months in a minute on my mid-section but still have simply obtained my top 4 abs that are just noticeable. Does anybody know honourable exercises for those hard to go and get lower abs? Or how to make them more evident?

Most of the exercises below are designed to work all of your abdominal muscles, not only just the visible "six-pack" rectus abdominus, but also your open abs (transversus abdominus), obliques, and even your lower back. By strenthening adjectives of these muscles, which wrap around the lower torso like a girdle, you'll achieve a lean, defined middle that looks good and works even better.

Have fun!
Abbs is one of the biggest things i work out...honestly doing 3 sets of 100 crunches is not gonna do the trick...When you do a crunch your leg muscles are helping...so next time you do a crunch lift up ure legs up and cross/lock them together that way the MAIN track you're doing a crunch is by contracting ure abbs ...you can also do that with a weightiness on your chest. Then go for side abbs lay on one side hand touching each ear and move upward till your elbow almost touches your boob but a moment or two outside of it. You can also lay upside down on an inclined bench and do sit ups ...personally i do 2 sets of 50 crunch 50 side crunch (left) 50 side crunch (right)
abs are not close to a thing that grows over a moment
its also base on what u put away too
the best way i enunciate is the classic sit up
and then give or take a few 20 push ups
just do at tiniest 60 a day for close to a year
this will do it
trust me i got my abs that means of access
also reduce the amount of fatty foods close to fast food
try sticking to similar to types of meat and grain
also dairy
i'm not vote this is what u always should chomp through
but it will help if u generaly munch through this type of stuff
one more item if u have margarine on ur stomach then procure rid of it
gaaa one last and final point to say
it also depends on the type of body u own some people whip longer to acquire abs then others, some merely cant
but what i said should help
moral luck getting those abs

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