Can you sustain me!!?!??!?

i dont want to lose any weight, im 114 lbs but i want to capture rid of my fat and agree to me muscle show through.. the muscle is tehre but the fat is lately covering it. Ive been on a really strict in good health diet for about 5 months and i do atleast 40 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and something like 20-30 minutes of weight training 5 days a week but it seem like i am a moment ago maintaining my consignment.. nothing is up HELPPPP PLEASE! i will pick best answer tomorrow thank you!

Answers:    Try pilates and core training. At least for me I saw results greatly quickly and that really motivated me. Increase your cardio and even try to keep hold of a good immediate cardio type pace during your freight training. You may need to join reps to you sets. Re think what you are ingestion. Is it possible you are giving your body too many carbs to burn and it's not taking into your obese stores. How is your protein intake? We all hit plateaus at one point or another - mix it up and see what happen. Good Luck!!
Ive been doing the ab lounge and i havent lost scarcely anything but gained body muscle.

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