Am I FAT ? I am 11 years aged and I bulk 127 pounds please inform me result in i wanna know?

First of all, do not listen to anyone who say you are fat. I am 11 and I weigh roughly speaking 100 pounds. I felt insucure and I feel that I was big-hearted of fat. I afterwards realized that I am 5''4 so I am if truth be told normal sized for my hieght. First you own to realize that there are alot of change happening contained by your body so somtimes it is easy to become overwieght or top calorific. It is not your fault that your body is varying and you are NOT fat. If you haven't realize it yet, alot of girls are going through like thing as you! If you are taller than alot of kids surrounded by your class it is normal to be heavier. I if truth be told have a friend surrounded by my class who is 130 pounds so don't fell bad! If you survey shaqs big challenge you'll see that they are track fatter than you! If you feel that you are short and you hold a serious weight problem natter to your mom about if in attendance is any way that you can start intake healthier and exersizing more. If she saids your not grease just communicate her you want to get in good health. Try not eating unwanted items food for a week and replace it with fruits similar to strawberries (without sugar), grapes, or watermelon. I personally contemplate your not fat but if you perceive you would like tobe heathier try exersizing. (jogging, hurdle rope. biking, scooter, dancing, and sports.) don't do the in one piece starve your self thing because that a short time ago slows down your metabilism which makes you gain counterbalance. I hope you are proud of yourself because I bet you are beautiful anyways. And as long as you touch confident with yourself everything is fine so hold your lead up high and influence "I am beautiful nomatter what" If you own any questions for me you can email me at Hold your principal up high, KK5th
i wouldnt vote you are fat, im 16 and weigh 118, only just watch what you are ingestion and get out and excrise more.. swing out with friends, its summer shift swimming.
No! I would say your more developed.. I be 11 last year i be 110pounds cause i used to chomp through packets of sweets i didnt realise it be fattening then i realised immediately im 12 and 110 pounds!! =] maybe you can hold on to your weight impossible to tell apart for about 2 more years it will give the impression of being hard but it will be worth it. I'm guessing you've gone throught puberty and own started your period this is why you've gain alot of weight dont verbs the whole class will jump through what you've gone throught soon. cut out junk food and munch through healithy do not diet cause what will crop up is you'll gain it back {friends and my mums experience} and do and run just mess roughly like kids usually do and you'll stretch out other ;)
ABSOLUTELY NOT FAT! Even though the scale might show a number that seem higher that what you would close to or “think” is normal, immensity depends on a lot of factor: Height, muscle mass, body style…etc. I threw my scale away years ago and merely watch what I devour (stay away from sweets, soda, and fast foods) and you will be alright! Also, try to achieve out and play, exercise, swim, bike riding, rollerblading) all the fun stuff and you will be amazed at how great you touch and look. Please take my advice…I enjoy been contained by the same situation you are, own had ingestion disorders and was wretched for a very long time because of that stupid number on that mount. You don’t want to go down that same road. The trick to anyone fit and healthy is ingestion good foods (chicken, salads, vegetables, fruit) and staying moving through sports. I hope this helps… It breaks my heart that you are feeling this method, and I want you to always remember that everyone’s body style is different. You could weigh more than any of your friends but still look and surface great! GOOD LUCK!
how tall are you?
I don't deem you're fat but you really own to watch what you are drinking. Eat small meals and replace snacks near vegetables and fruits. Exercise at least three times a week and you will be fine.
it depends on soaring u are, but sorry if this offends you but if you are short er than 5'6 you are overweight! im 13, and i am 5'5 and i weigh 123 lb, and i am grease so ya!! :[ just excersize profusely and starve yourself!

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