i have cheer practice three times a week and i excersice at the gym everyday to acquire the areas i dont get cheer. i am on the south coast diet third day on first phase. i am 14 and 5' and enjoy 14 pounds to lose. trying to get into shape and improved. in a week how much bulk and definition will i get?

what is your cargo? This an important segment of the info needed to give the best advocate possible. you maybe at the leanest you should run, you may begin to bulk near a lot of weights, keep hold of the repetitions high and weights lite, and like mad stretching to keep your muscles draw out.The healthiest thing you can do is prepare your meal yourself so that you can maintain your fighting fit lifestyle for the years to come. it is not how much you weigh it is the way you be aware of about yourself and from what i read you love yourself satisfactory to give yourself the best you own to offer.
i'm not sure
but hold on to in mind-
you'll also be GAINING muscle

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