Am i heavy? Do i stipulation to lose counterbalance?

I am 13 years old, 5 foot 3 inches and weigh 105-108 pounds

Gain some self confidence. I'm your stage with an auxiliary 15 pounds. I exercise, run on my track team, drink right, and no, I'm not fat at 120 pounds.
nope ur adjectives good
Sounds similar to the only fleshy is between your ears...puhlease.
oh no sweety, not at all.

im 4'7 and my counterweight range is between 79-108
im 101-102.

So your fine!!


filch care
no not at adjectives you have faultless weight you shouldn't but i cant stop you the just thing i can vote do you think you should lose solidity take caution
Absolutely not!
Don't go by the ascend.Look in the mirror, do you look skinny? If you look skinny contained by the mirror...Then you don't need to lose freight.
no way im 12 5'0 or 5'1 (i measured myself a couple o months ago)
and i method 100
No, you do not need to lose weightiness. However, if you want to start living a more healthy lifestyle it is other good. Simply devour healthy and stay helpful. Nothing more to worry roughly speaking than that.
no. your only oil if you have rolls of margarine hanging everywhere. why would you requirement to lose weight?
No. You should be hugely happy next to yourself.
No Your Fine!!
not a bit, you're right where you should be for your elevation.
at your age though, you might start to gain weight from your boobs and hips. i did. but that's apt weight!
There are single two ways to answer the question, "Do I look fleshy?" The first way is by measure fat content and not substance and the other way is through an honest assessment. In my belief, no you are not fat. That should be a commonplace weight for a woman your age. You want to state that weight and not verbs about podginess? Have a regular diet and excersise program to follow. No, I don't think you're rotund. You're normal!
No, logically not! scientifically, you are not fat. You are impeccably within your inventory. However, you need to determine by yourself whether or not you are hygienic. How you feel and how your clothes fit is the true test of this. But mainly, if you quality great, you look great.
You're just right! Go to this relation...
nope you are freshly right and maybe for a time underweightt! just hold up the healthy lifestyle near excersize 4 times a week and you'll be super!
nope, you are the perfect counterbalance for your height...
society/media now put too much pressure on young girls to look size nothing skinny. nobody looks or feels athletic that size!... celebs are not normal relations and if they want to get to that size they repay people to serve them get within, also there are alot of facts around being too emaciated and the dangers of it.
be smiling, be healthy, and most importantly be you!

if your blissful with the path you look, your fine! ... like i said, your the faultless weight for your altitude!!
no way your not tubby & anyway whats with adjectives girls trying to be super skiny now surrounded by days??
You're fine and have positively nothing to stress roughly speaking. You're a very worthy weight for your age and stage.
You sound right surrounded by the middle of the average area to me. You will involve fewer calories birth next year to verbs growing at the pace you're on very soon, so that means a dietary unsystematic later, but for in a minute you're doing fine.
You sound resembling you are right where you obligation to be. I would not concern yourself with consignment at your age, but more importantly you health..move about out for right and relish your youth!
no you are not fat at adjectives. who ever told you that is a lier

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