Am i round??

im a girl 4 feet 11 inches and i weigh 88 pounds. am i grease? how much do i need to lose if i am flabby?

You need to want professional assistance.
There is no way you are podginess!!
holy crap, no your not fat, surrounded by fact you might be anorexic
not at adjectives
who cares if your flabby.
no your not fat
no you are not.
your not portly. i thinks that thats ok for your hight..
retard. dont be anerexic. it will decimate you and nobody digs it
your tiny
omg why would you even ask that! you the reason family think they are overweight!!
YOU are NOT fat. Build some muscle and drink right. Don't you dare lose any more weight.
ur not oil
Yeah you're a cow!

Look down, if you see rolls...Go run :)
i am a girl 4 ft 9 in and i weigh 77 pounds .. no ur not heavy at all i am skinny as crap
i own been told, u are solely fat when you consider yourself to be rotund
No, you are way too water down, just try to be strong. That is what is truely important
You are not round, unless all of the substance is in your stomach. Then you would be a freak.
Your not tubby.
No, you're underweight if anything. I'm 5'1 and a healthy substance range for me is 105-130.
I dont regard you are fat race dot know how fat you are unlesss you report us your age
listen, sweetheart! you are NOT!! FAT!! IN FACT, YOU COULD STAND TO GAIN 5-10 POUNDS! anorexia is a serious illness and if you really ruminate youare fat, receive some counseling!
you are actually pretty underweight. I hope this is a ploy
Theres no way of knowing minus seeing you. It depends on your build and frame and shape, not just your echelon. I don't get why you can't procure that answer from your family and friends. Why do you inevitability to get on here for it? Look within the mirror!
no, but you might be slightly crazy for even considering that possibility. At 4'11", don't even wonder until you hit 125lbs, then ask a doctor, not strangers. what the H*** do we know?!
Dearie, u're not podgy. Not at all. You're only delusional. A little crazy maybe. Puh-lease...u're NOT corpulent !!

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