45 minutes of running on the treadmill or 45 minutes of the eliptical trainer?

Which is better for weight loss and flabby burning?

eliptical trainer
i depends on what speed you are going and what resistance you have it set on, but if you be going to set them at the same point, then the eliptical would be better, because you can travel forwards or backwards and you can also work your arms
the machine that you will consistently use respectively week is the one that is better for you.. both are moral for fat loss. the treadmill seem to give me better results at the expense of sore knees and shins. the egg-shaped is a good alternative and the lower impact of the egg-shaped spares my knees and shins. i like to use them both.
It still depends on the resistance even you set on the elliptical trainer or the incline of the treadmill but i intuitively recommend the elliptical trainer as it also tones the upper body simultaneously
Depends on how easier said than done you go. Check your heartrate while you're doing it. Biggest number win.
Elliptical trainers offer a non-impact cardiovascular workout that can oscillate from light to soaring intensity based on the resistance nouns. Most elliptical trainers work the user's upper and lower body (although some models do not own moving upper body components). Using an elliptical trainer is designed to elevate the heart rate more than building muscles.
An egg-shaped cross trainer is comparable to a treadmill in its exertion of leg muscles and the heart. However, because the user's limb remain in continuous contact next to the machine, its operation edges the dynamic loading of bones and joints to collectively harmless level. This non-impact aspect appeals to those with recent injuries, chronic knees problems, and the obese, who cannot tolerate a treadmill. Ellipticals produce an intermediate range of leg motion between that of stationary bikes and treadmills.

There are claims that the dual endeavour exercise of an elliptical trainers can in actual fact be more efficient surrounded by burning calories. The logic is that by exercising more muscle groups simultaneously, a more intense workout can be achieved contained by less time. It is also suggested that the perceived rate of exertion is lower. However, other studies enjoy shown that the rate in which calories are burned on an egg-shaped trainer is similar to that on a treadmill
It would depend on whether you are wanting to increase your stamina or build muscles/tone. The treadmill is mainly an aerobotic work out to bring back your heart pumping with predetermined results on firming/toning. With the eliptical trainer, it is designed to work your rump, upper thighs and calf muscles which will firm muscles and tone them at the same time.

When I work out, I start out first on the treadmill for roughly speaking 20 minutes just to capture my heart pumping and some oxygen going to the muscles. Then I use the eliptical trainer for about 20 minutes to firm and tone, followed by some lite immensity training for the final 20 minutes to firm/tone the upper body. Both are good for loosing mass. Hope this helps!
30 mins on both.

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