A reverse food diet..?

I read in a mag the other afternoon that beyonce knowles done a diet called the reverse food diet (something approaching that (and no, its not about throwing up)) :oP
Anyway, she said she have a big meal for breakfast, a respectable lunch, and cereal in the evening instead of a dinner.
What do you contemplate of this? Do you think its do-able? have anyone done it? did it help you lose weightiness? did it affect your body? was it unpromising?

Any help on it at adjectives would be helpful.


This is equal concept as eating resembling a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner. When you are breaking a fast, you should chomp through as much as you can. Your body needs the extra food following such a long-drawn-out period of non consumption. Lunch should and could easily be smaller. Dinner can be even smaller but I ouwld never terminate the day next to cereal. This will cause your insulin to rise a bit and you will be to hungry by the time your rapid is over. Dinner should be a protein. So it would have be a better choice to end the daylight with a piece of cheese and strawberries or partly a chicken breast and a small green leafy sald. I would pitch the cereal.
Yes, it would work just fine. Cereal is really well brought-up for you if you have it next to milk!
I have not done it intuitively, but alot of people do it by using cereal like special K next to 2% milk. It seems similar to it may work since the amount of food eaten at respectively meal is the switch any way. Just be sure to incorporate fit nutritious snacks.
the only nutritious diet is a balanced one. you might look at her and jump whoa shes skiny but she also works out constantly, and bounces around on stage for hours at a time. my advice is 3 meal and 3 snacks a day (about every 2-2.5 hours). exercise will relief loose weight as very well as knowing how many calories you call for.
saw this on a tv programme being tested by someone. they said it is possible to lose some weightiness but it was a difficult means of access of eating to hold on to up long term.
breakfast close to a king, lunch like a prince, dine resembling a pauper. it works just fine as long as you acquire all your nutrients. it make sense to get most of your calories at the start of the morning when you're more likely to burn them sour.
I have hear that this does work.

The reason is that if you munch through a big meal past due at night your body will not use up adjectives the calories and will make them into heavy. However, if you have your big suppertime at lunchtime you will burn it all up

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