A couple of questions about a good work out routine. (details inside)?

I've decided to lose a little bit of fat and gain a little bit of muscle (sexXx). Is it possible to do this at the same time or will one hinder the progress of the other? I understand in order to gain muscle you have to take in a lot of calories, and doing cardio burns off calories.

Based on my limited understanding of how these processes work I've developed this lifestyle plan:

-Running on the tredmill for two and a half miles six days a week.
-Lifting weights every other day.
-Diet comprised of low fat, low carb, high protein foods.

Anything else I should know? Should I do more cardio than that? Because I probably could. Thanks a lot.

recommendation is that you go for more of a time limit that you treadmill for... because 2.5 miles can take you around 20-25 minutes. try and go for an hour... Also you should lift everyday that you are running. remember though proper techniques will help you achieve your goals.Quality over Quanity Squeeze those muscles and isolate them... concentrate on the muscles you are working... Recommend that you work 2 types of muscles a day. like chest and tri's... etc

good luck
stay positive its also mental not just physical!

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