Am I benching plenty?

I starting lifting in November of 2006. I could merely bench around 90 lbs. It's now July, and I can bench 210.

Am I on the right track? I've be going to the gym 4-5 times a week, and running 3 times a week. (I missed one week b/c of my wisdom teeth) I started out weigh 170 with some podgy. I'm now 185 in need any fat.

Sounds close to you have done pretty resourcefully so far. If you are trying to increase your bench, you should look at how many days you consent to your muscles rest between chest exercises. Most big guys I know work the crap out of each muscle group once a week divided up into 3 or 4 workouts throughout the week.

Also look at your protein intake and be sure you don't push too tricky. For a lot of associates, the muscles will get stronger faster than tendons or ligaments, I've see a lot of blown out shoulders from this.

Great opportunity and good luck!
IT sounds resembling you have made a HUGE progress, all i know is the passageway we do it at football mondays we work upper body tuesdays we letem rest wendsday lower body, rest on thursday and fri we do em all and also as much as you raise you need to be on a lofty protein diet, (meats) my friends also have a powder for your drinks its a protein shake/ drink comes surrounded by all flavors, protein is what make up your mucles so as you can see that is why you involve to be on a high protein diet but your doiong great a moment ago dont over work your self, also its good to some times bear a week off and impart your muscles a lil extra healing time you will be surprised how much they enjoy grown in that week and its alot easier to do what be hard the week in the past you rested it might only relieve you do two or three more reps but that goes along mode. also just letin you know that lower weights and the more reps make you stronger and builds muscles more than higher wieght and smaller amount weight. enjoy fun.

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