A diet pill that really works?

Anyone can tell more or less a diet pill that really worked ? Share your experince.

I have be a pharmacist for 29 years. There has never be any type of diet pill/capsule/tablet etc that works. This would include the time when amphetamines were prescribed. The individual sure fire way to a leaner body is 1)less food intake 2) some exercise affix these together with some existing time and you will have freight loss. Habits need to be changed. And do this one at a time and bear each light of day one at a time. Life is suppose to be enjoyable, but to commonly we human get inpatient. Good Luck!
Well Hoodia doesn't help out! I hope that helps.
no diet pills work solid fact
There is no sleight of hand pill to help you near a diet. They either don't work, or they own serious side effects. Take control of diet and exercise and you will see results.
there's a new diet pill call alli that is the first one to ever be approved by the FDA.
it make you lose 50% more weight than regular dieting.
you can buy it at walgreens immediately.
Why is it so hard for you to exercise, I fuckn repugnance lazyness!!
dont eat approaching a pig and get some exercise?

its disgusting that relations are so lazy they necessitate a pill to loose weight.
Honestly, the single real approach to lose weight and hold on to it off is by proper nutrition and consistent exercise. I preference there be a magic pill but within really isn't!
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No diet pill keeps you stout while losing weight. A co-worker sell a formula—all plant-based stuff you can purchase in a grocery store for practically nothing—that works...and it make you healthy to boot...and he go by the honor system: if it works you send a contribution.
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Alli i enjoy never tried it but my friend has.she lost the most contained by one week than all the other diet plans.it i the single FDA approved diet pill .u can purchase them at walmart and drug stores. but u still have to exercise and devour healthy.

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