Alli diet drug?

anybody try the new alli diet drug? how does it work? and your results?

The primary function of orlistat is to prevent the absorption of fats from the diet, thus reducing caloric intake. It works by inhibiting an enzyme in the pancreas that is responsible for breaking down triglycerides in the intestine. Without the enzyme, fats are prevented from becoming absorbable and may then be excreted undigested. It is estimated that the drug blocks approximately 25% of all fat in the diet.

While most of the oils are eliminated as waste in the normal way, as mentioned some unpleasant side effects may include gas, incontinence, and oily spotting. These effects are obviously quite uncomfortable and inconvenient at times, and have caused some individuals to think twice about taking this drug.

Alot of people take a change of clothes with them because of the "spotting" that seems to be the emabarrasing side effect. I won't try this one, but I had tried a previous one and it's just too inconvenient having to be near a bathroom.

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