After liposuction, (tummy), does the large automatically start to return?

Asssuming a better-than average healthy diet and life-style, regular excercise, and non-obesity, but a stubborn bulge contained by the abdomen that even "bums and tums" regimes won't shift, would liposuction of the excess tummy-fat be a lifelong answer? - or would it, (like ordinary diets) simply result within the metabolic system returning to starvation mode, with resultant storage of calories as corpulent?

it does for some people, even some citizens with in good health lifestyles...

here is an article for you that states 65% of patients have butter also states that the vast majority of them are thrilled they had the procedure so it really depends on how high-status it is to you:

also check these out:
No I don't believe so!. I remember watching extreme makeover and hearing the women ask like peas in a pod question. The doctor told her that podginess would not return to the areas where liposuction took place. This is a adjectives surgery among post pregnancy women. A heathy diet is needed to maintain other non liposuction areas. You should strive to other eat fighting fit for health reason and such. This is a question that you should ask a cosmetic surgeon.
No, once those cooking oil cells enjoy been removed, afterwards can never return. However, your remaining fat cell can still expand if you gain weight.

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