How much should I weigh (height and stuff inside)?

I'm 13, turning 14 in roughly speaking 7 months, I'm 5'8 1/2, and my parents weigh about 220-250 respectively

Answers:    Your ideal counterweight would be 160 lbs.
hello there.

given that you are 5'8" 1/2, let's in recent times round that off to 5'8". At your rank and being Male, you should ideally weigh around
145 - 169 lbs (pounds).

The extent between 145 and 169 is ideal for your largeness and age, since you are still young and metabolism is still faster compared to more fully grown adults.

Although weight is not a direct width of health, at hand are many factor and indicators you can see that you have achieve that "ideal" body you want.
some things to consider:
1) if you pinch your abdomen, and you can receive about an inch of obese on your side, then you know you are "not ideal". I'm making the quote -unqoute on just what the doctor ordered because the ideal size may not work okay for people depending on what they enjoy to do (like occupational hazards).
Overall, this should also be one indicator.
2) Try fitting into your aged clothes small shirts. That can be a simple indication that you have shed some pounds.

anyway, I hope this help. just email me if you entail any other queries.


As a guideline around 151 pounds. You might weigh more or smaller amount than that. Depends on the size of you skeleton. You may weigh more because remember, you body has more growing to do.

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