Does anyone no any honourable exersices 2 tone abs?

ive been doing these abs exercises 4 resembling a year now and it doesnt seem to be 2 be working.. someone help!

okay of course crunches work... but put a spin to your typical crunches...
-- lay on your stern and stick your legs straight up then realize for them with your hand
--do your crunches on an excercise ball
--go from right to vanished while doing the crunches
-- lay on your back and hold on to your torso up and legs and hold
-- and just simply run and do other workouts... it cause you to burn calories everywhere. even in your abs!! so it's similar to multitasking!!
If none of this works, by a video which shows you ab workouts. You may have already done this though, and if your not seeing results, it's ok. Some individuals don't get abs as speedily as other people. Just stay live!! Hope i helped!
Pilates is best contained by my experience. I've also heard dance (hip-hop etc.) will help. And hula hoops facilitate.
ab crunches on an exercise ball. if you want abs you also own to do cario and eat right.
Lay flat on your subsidise and lift your legs up and next slow down. also side ways sit ups work good. any program wishes to be altered or changed every 2 months your body does adjust to it.
sit ups, leg raises, that excersize orb works too, try that...if none of these work, i suggest goin into a gym and asking the trainers..
using an exercise ball, go and get on your knees with the globe in front of you. put your hand together on top of the orb and roll out so the ball rolls down your forearms to your elbows, very soon roll back. do 12-15 reps slowly. It may not come across like much at first, but try laughing the subsequent day...OUCH!
Lots and lots of tummy crunches. WIth tummy crunch you own to tighten your pelvic muscles to make your tummy crunch work. ALso your diet might contribute to this. I worked knotty to get rid of my post infant pouch, I found intense high impact cardio work out works best. Do your tummy crunch untimely in the morning, purely before you shower and stretch your tummy muscles afterwards. I avoid fizzy drinks (beer included).

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