Is this on top form?

i am 13. i play sports daily and do 200 crunches twice a week. i devour healthy but hold some junk food. im 5"6' and i weigh 118 pounds. is this athletic?

apsativley posilutly! its practicly perfect within every way! i wizh every 13 year outmoded had your diet! its great! your completly healthey, dont verbs.
yes its sounds like you hav plenty of excercise and a powerfully balanced diet.
It's for a while excessive. You are very tough, so you don't need to do adjectives that extra work to stay that way. I deem the sports along with a vigorous balanced diet should meet your requirements.
yup. but it doesnt sound approaching u have to do 200 crunches. when ur 13, we shouldnt hold to worry give or take a few our size!

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