Am I podgy...?

I'm 11, 4'10, and 94lbs.
I have these flabs pf skin over my hip bones and below my breast. Does this mean I'm round?

You are fine. What I would recommend is trying to maintain a pretty consistent mass. Make sure you eat breakfast as this will preserve your metabolism up and as a result you will burn more calories during the day (and you will consistency better). Also if you are concerned about your cargo introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet as these are low fat and will backing in your overall solidity maintenance. Plus, you shouldn't believe the "low carb" diet as this solely brings your body into a state of keotosis that will trick it into thinking it is starved; you will lose weight at first but you will plateau and once you introduce carbohydrates wager on into your diet (including good carbs such as cereal resembling cheerios or multi-grain bread), you will put the pounds back on faster than you can suppose. If you really want to maintain a athletic weight, your best bets are to time limit fats, generate sure you eat worthy carbohydrates (such as whole wheat bread and cereal, because the whole "low carb" rage is based on the certainty that sodas and candies, which contain high contents of simple sugars, are also considered carbs and are zero like unbroken grains and wheats which are in truth excellent for your body), and make sure you carry all of the vitamins you involve. Probably your best bet on this is to use a multivitamin such as Centrum to make sure you're getting adjectives of the nutrients that are necessary.
You're pushing maximum density.
no, ur not. it sounds to me that u are in truth skinny.
No, you are 'heavy boned'.
no be comfortable with yourself your not curvy
why do you care what associates on think? are you truly THAT self conscious?
ouch. ask your elementary guru.
NO! You're fine, a lot of race get those!
your not excess weight. I'm 11 4'7 and 200lbs. u can't really notice that im flab though cause most of it are muscles. my friends never call me fat.
damnnnn... 94lbs..
lool naaa ur not stout... its ok.. but most girls are sensitive about their looks and solidity, u dont need to lose a single pound

trust me i see some massive girls... and they were massive.. one of them get on the scale and it said.. one at a time please

additonal info:
loool chris.. thats veryyy comforting to a girl
You're lying roughly speaking the flabs of skin.

You're only 94 lbs. you're 11. and you want attention.
Sounds approaching you're just flabby. Get more active - focus on human being healthy fairly than being wiry, and you'll feel closely better.
actually you're robust and normal cargo. you have a BMI of 19.6 which is immaculately fine. sadly to me, i'm worse. i'm 5'2" and i'm underweight. T.T
you're fine. and you nouns veryyy skinny and healthy
love your self love your body and it sounds resembling your healthy so save up what your doing and the rest will fall into place when your body mature.
when i was 11 i weigh 90 pounds but i shot up to a whopping 136 over 3 years now im overweight its normal to enjoy those flabs when u sit down

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